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Britney Spears. The Lowdown (2 CD)

Britney Spears. The Lowdown (2 CD) Britney Spears was all but written off as a performer just a couple of years back, but Britney, like the true star she has always been, knew the show must go on', and revived her career back to its former glory using her unique talent and fighting spirit to land herself rightback at the top.Britney Spears: The Lowdown is a 2 CD collection featuring interviews with the girl herself and spoken word biography - which includes new revelations about her early relationship with Justin Timberlake. Total running time: 30 mins.CD 1: Absolute Britney Spears - The Unauthorised InterviewWith a new album riding high all over the world, it's not so much "Britney's back" but more "Britney's never been away". She's still on top and on "Absolute Britney" she talks it like she walks it with 30-plus minutes of chat, gossip and insight. Hear Britney in front of the mic telling it like it is...Total running time: 30 mins.CD 2: Maximum Justin Timberlake - The Unauthorised Biography 01. Introdu

Код производителя SXYCD048
Производитель Sexy Intellectual,Концерн "Группа Союз"
Исполнитель Бритни Спирс,Джастин Тимберлейк
Год выпуска 2010
Цена 1419 руб.

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